The Leaky Tech Pipeline
The Leaky Tech Pipeline
Understand the Leaky Tech Pipeline
The Lack of Racial and Gender Diversity in the Tech Workforce

Due to a combination of biases and barriers in the recruitment, hiring, performance review, and promotion processes, race and gender disparities in the technology workforce are stark and companies do not reflect the demographics of the United States workforce.

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Tech Workforce Demographics (U.S.)

Despite the availability of diverse talent among the U.S. labor force and among computing degree earners, the national technology workforce is predominantly white and male.

Tech Workforce Demographics (Silicon Valley)

In Silicon Valley, the racial and gender disparities are even more stark. Across 177 companies in Silicon Valley, less than 8% of the workforce is either Black or Latinx and only 30% are women.

D&I in Tech Workplaces
Senior Engineer Erica Joy Baker describes the need for tech workplaces to prioritize diversity and inclusion.
We've got to make sure that everybody is getting a fair shot. The next Steve Jobs might be named Stephanie or Esteban. They might never set foot in Silicon Valley. We've got to unleash the full potential of every American - not leave more than half the team on the bench. Barack Obama - 44th President of the United States