The Leaky Tech Pipeline
The Leaky Tech Pipeline
Understand the Leaky Tech Pipeline
Underrepresentation in Computing in Higher Education

The disparities in access to computing education and social and psychological barriers faced within computing environments impact the interest in pursuing computing majors and the completion of computing degrees among students from diverse backgrounds.

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Enrollment in Computing-Related Fields

Race and gender disparities exist in enrollment in computing majors, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Enrollment in computing majors is tied to access and participation in AP CS classes in high school.

Degree Completion in Computing

Disparities persist through degree completion, with lower rates of undergraduate and graduate computing degree completion among women and underrepresented students of color.

Role Models in Higher Education
Senior Data Scientist Omoju Miller describes how role models can counteract the negative impacts of stereotype threat and encourage women and people of color to pursue computing.
No other subject will open as many doors in the 21st century, regardless of a student’s ultimate field of study or occupation, as computer science. - Computer Science Teachers Association