The Leaky Tech Pipeline
The Leaky Tech Pipeline
Understand the Leaky Tech Pipeline
Race and Gender Gaps in Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

Racial gaps in access to wealth, education, and social capital limit the opportunities that underrepresented entrepreneurs have to start and fund new tech ventures. Additionally, homogenous peer and social networks and biases in investment decisions reduce the likelihood of investment and amount of funding provided to underrepresented founders.

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Demographics of Startup Founders

Tech entrepreneurs are overwhelmingly white or Asian men who have worked for venture-capital backed startups and graduated from prestigious universities.

Investment Professionals

Investment firms are even less diverse than the tech workforce, and the lack of diversity among investment professionals is replicated in the demographics of where they choose to invest.

Venture Capital

Significant disparities by race and gender are demonstrated in the amount of venture capital that tech founders are able to raise from VC’s.

Diversity in Entrepreneurship
Education tech founder Ana Roca Castro describes the need for entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to solve social challenges.
Venture capital as currently constructed is leaving billions of dollars on the table because they’re overlooking underrepresented entrepreneurs who have great ideas and who can serve real communities’ real needs. - Freada Kapor Klein