The Leaky Tech Pipeline
The Leaky Tech Pipeline
Programs & Initiatives
KCap Founders’ Commitment: KCap companies within the portfolio commit to implementing 4 core D&I strategies.
AngelList: A community of startups and investors to make fundraising more efficient.
Oakland Startup Network: Provides a pathway to entrepreneurship through awareness, education, and mentoring to entrepreneurs in the Oakland region.
Joonko: AI-powered D&I coach for companies.
Project Include: Comprehensive recommendations for developing diverse and inclusive companies.
WePow: Structured video interviewing platform.
Jopwell: Provides a platform for sourcing candidates and connecting diverse talent with available jobs.
MakeSchool: A 2-year educational pathway into tech careers.
StudentLoanGenius: Reduces student loan debt through employer-sponsored benefits.
Genius Plaza: An online platform providing Math, Science, and Language Arts content to close the achievement gap for students across the globe.
Genius Plaza: Provides videos of diverse STEM professionals to millions of students internationally.
TinyBop: A suite of educational IOS apps for kids.
CodeHS: Provides curriculum, professional development, and resources to computer science teachers.
Allovue: A planning platform for K-12 school district administrators which helps schools allocate resources for optimal impact on student success.
Project Include: A set of comprehensive recommendations for developing diverse and inclusive companies.
Kapor Capital: Oakland-based social impact fund. Fair compensation tool with compensation analytics.
Diversity Advocates: Professional development and community building for D&I leaders.
Talent Sonar: De-biasing job descriptions and the hiring process. Anonymized technical interviews.
LearnersGuild: An alternative education and career pathway for aspiring software developers.
SMASH Rising: An internship pathways program for SMASH alumni.
LendUp: Providing pathways to improved financial health through financial literacy and low cost loans.
Magoosh: A web, app, and video tool which helps students prepare for standardized tests, including the SAT, GRE, GMAT.
GRIT Research: <strong>A portfolio of research studies on interventions for girls of color in computing.</strong>
CS for ALL Oakland (CS for CA): Coordination between OUSD, city, and industry to provide CS pathways for all students.
SMASH Academy: A 3-year 5-week STEM program for underrepresented high school students.