The Leaky Tech Pipeline
The Leaky Tech Pipeline
Understand the Leaky Tech Pipeline
Race, Gender, and SES Gaps in Pre K-12 Computer Science Education

Early racial, gender, and socioeconomic disparities in access to STEM and computer science education in Pre K-12th grade limit the opportunities that all children have to utilize technology, participate in coding programs, take computer science courses and advanced STEM courses, and explore computing careers.

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Math & Science Proficiency

Fundamental math and science knowledge varies dramatically by race as early as 4th grade and gaps continue through 8th grade. The knowledge developed in elementary and middle school provides a critical foundation for success in STEM coursework at the high school level.

Advanced Placement Stem and Computer Science Courses

In high school, race and gender differences are seen in participation and success in Advanced Placement math, science, and computer science courses, which are strong predictors of majoring in computer science in college and provide a foundation for success in college-level STEM and computing courses.

Peer Groups in K-12 Education
SMASH program alumna Megan Gage explains how diverse peer groups impact student perspectives and trajectories.
Disparities in computer science education in public schools will not only widen the opportunity and achievement gap, they threaten to have a profound negative economic impact as technology takes on an increasingly central role in the economy. Ben Jealous