The Leaky Tech Pipeline
The Leaky Tech Pipeline
Diversity + Equality.
The Future of Technology.
The lack of racial and gender diversity in the technology workforce presents a critical challenge to the economic future of the United States in our ability to compete in a global technology market, to build innovative products and solutions to address social challenges, and to prevent further economic inequality and displacement for diverse communities.
The Leaky Tech Pipeline framework and website aim to increase understanding of the underlying causes of disparities in the technology ecosystem, raise awareness about effective strategies and stages for intervention, and drive the development and implementation of comprehensive solutions. The Leaky Tech Pipeline website is a tool which can be used by a variety of stakeholders to explore research and data on diversity in tech and to inspire the development of solutions to rapidly and effectively increase racial and gender diversity across the technology ecosystem. The framework and website are intended to be constantly evolving, with the release of updated data, the publication of new research, and identification of new solutions, as we all strive for a more diverse and inclusive technology ecosystem.
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